Event Promotion

Event Promotion

During the fall of 2020, I developed and executed a marketing promotion strategy to increase awareness and drive sign-ups for the first ever brand ambassador-led webinar.

The marketing strategy included creating a landing page to track sign-ups, as well as an email and social media campaign. In addition to the promotion strategy, I also worked with the brand ambassador in the development of a blog post related to the webinar topic. This blog post played into the post-event promotion strategy, driving users back to the site to read the blog post.

The campaign ran for a duration of three weeks, from pre-webinar to post-webinar. We saw over 180 webinar sign-ups, surpassing our target for this event.


Landing Page

Social Media

Blog Post

As part of theĀ promotion strategy, I worked with the brand ambassador on a blog post related to the webinar topic. My role consisted of overseeing the blog writing and promotion. This included:

  • Coordinating with the brand ambassador
  • Providing brand voice and tone guidelines
  • Revising and editing the blog to keep consistent with the overall blog strategy
  • Promoting the blog on social media after the brand ambassador’s webinar to driveĀ users back to the site