myBlueprint Community

myBlueprint Community

Working with the Marketing Manager to conduct market research with current brand ambassadors, we realized that there was room to increase overall customer engagement through the creation of a private members-only online community.

After designing and creating the online community, I created a two-phase marketing strategy for the community launch, including email and social media campaigns. 

  • Phase One: Brand Ambassadors
  • Phase Two: Email & Social Media Campaigns

The myBlueprint Community launched in February, 2020 and saw over 200 member sign-ups in the first few post-launch days, surpassing our target.

Phase One

Phase one occurred pre-launch and included a targeted email campaign to existing brand ambassadors, giving them advanced access to the community.

Phase Two

Phase two occurred on the launch date. This included an email campaign (in both English and French) to all existing customers subscribed to our newsletters.

Prior to sending the email campaign, I created a blog post to showcase the features of the new community to members.

myBlueprint Community Blog Post

The launch date also began with a two-week long organic social media campaign. While both Twitter and Facebook were used, Twitter was the primary channel..

Social media promotion of the community is something that is ongoing, with the aim of creating awareness, and sharing user-created community content to continue driving sign-ups.